We ❤️ Our Community - Home Builders Blitz 2018


As home builders, any chance that we have to make a real difference in our community is something that we never take for granted. Our whole team is honored to have participated in a remarkable event called Home Builders Blitz 2018, where 3 homes were built in just 5 days for local families.

In our great town of Cedar Rapids, we believe that everyone deserves to live in the safety of a comfortable and affordable home. This ideal echoes the mission of the amazing Habitat for Humanity, and our team is proud to have worked alongside this organization this past year.

One of the houses that
Skogman Homes Cedar Rapids built was a home for a mom and her two daughters. A memory that we’ll always take with us is watching the mother on site all week, helping us create her new home with perseverance and heart. One of the goals of this event is to bring people together, and we couldn’t have felt more connected to our community in these few days.

Our entire crew volunteered their time and materials, and worked non-stop to build this new home. We were all hands on deck to complete this project, where everyone from our sales team to our project managers, and even the Skogman family members, all came together to work on the home.  

Working with Habitat for Humanity, and especially for this incredible little family, has reminded us that a happy and healthy community makes all the difference. We aim to create innovative, high-quality homes that change people’s lives, and we certainly hope that we accomplished our goal for this family.

In 2002, Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, NC built 12 quality and affordable homes for families in need in just 5 days. The mission of this week-long project caught on, and 10 years later, Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity followed suit and conducted their own Home Builders Blitz.

Thank you to Habitat for Humanity for the invaluable work that you do! Learn more about the Home Builders Blitz 2018, as well as the incredible mission of Habitat for Humanity.